About TIIAI – Healthy Choices Mentoring Program

Healthy Choices Mentoring Program is a program to engage students in creative activities that foster understanding of the world in which they live. There is a growing concern that students today are not fully equipped to embrace and compete in the global community. We integrate healthy foods concepts because about one in three American children are either overweight or obese and that threatens to make them the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. We also provide online math tutoring as an added value service to maintain student proficiency. The students receive a wealth of meaningful information for making life choices and the ability to empower themselves and influence others in the development of a positive life and a healthy lifestyle

We service students in K-12 to young adults to create an opportunity for them to understand and express various points of view on their life experiences. The program encourages students to reflect on what might be the best choice for particular events in their lives.  The mentoring program is incorporating specific techniques and healthy concepts to broaden the student’s perception of what constitutes a positive life choice including choices for maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program includes the Ten-Steps on mentoring – 1) being educationally prepared – presenting the importance of education and planning), 2) leading by example – unveiling our personal responsibility to match our words and deeds, 3) sharing our thoughts – an open forum for self-expression, 4) journaling – purposeful writing, 5) keeping your word – the power of the spoken word, 6) how do you develop personal standards – identifying standards, 7) how do you develop your own philosophical outlook – exposure to direct analytical thinking, 8) the benefits of healthy foods (students each session receive gardening tips, healthy snacks and one mini cooking class each week, 9) Social Responsibility – it takes a village, 10) Online Math Tutoring and College Readiness – financial literacy.

Our activities are supportive to the students, the family and the larger society as we demonstrate the importance of making sound life choices. There is a need particularly for disadvantaged students to have access to experiences that provide them the tools for making decisions that will serve them for a lifetime. The program assist in the selection healthy foods for proper nutrition through presentations that are precise, inventive, innovative and hands-on.

Our program works on three levels 1) we partner with schools and have assigned classrooms, 2) we partner with organizations servicing youth, and 3) we provide seminars and workshops for the community.


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