TIIAI – Community Builder

We are small, but mighty, community builders and we do our work through the implementation of Healthy Choices Mentoring Program an initiative to address the issue of how students/youth can make better life choices. Working from a research-based framework, the program focuses on reducing risks and addressing challenges that prevent our youth from advancing in their education goals. We are able to initiate multidisciplinary assessments of risks and resources through our web-based system “The Village” an extremely innovative approach to the development of the comprehensive and collaborative system to prevent the factors that facilitate poor decision-making.

We are partners with Tracey L. Fisher, Dream Your Dream Tour Program.  Tracey has created Ten Steps to Re-Entry specifically for individuals who are returning to society.  He is a Re-Entry Specialist.  His passion is to provide an opportunity to those who want to redeem themselves.

We have serviced in the past year over 200 youth in various programs…gardening (EarthKeepers), environmental (The John Heinz National Wildlife Reserve), Pepper Middle School (mentoring/healthy choices) and currently YOACAP.

Our program can be replicated, sustained and measured through “The Village” under the Fifth House Metric System.


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